Festive Forewarning of Lack of HGV Drivers by Agency

ADR network cautions there may be a deficiency of Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers at Spring despite the fact that HGV 1 driver jobs are readily available.

Fewer HGV Drivers Joining the Profession

ADR has voiced concerns that not enough new drivers are deciding to consider HGV driving jobs. What's worse, more capable drivers are choosing to leave driving as a profession. The final result is that all through the busy run up to Spring there may well not be sufficient number of drivers on the roads to take care of consumer demand. Here one can find more on LGV Training.

HGV Drivers in Demand This Spring

With Spring 2013 set to be a busy time for sellers everywhere, clearly a scarcity in Heavy Goods Vehicle class drivers would be a worrying state of affairs. Any business without having a proper resourcing plan could see a shortage of drivers causing issues in the logistics. Consequently, this may lead to lower profits during the Spring season. Therefore, Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers required by the ADR Network to work over the holidays.

One Quarter of HGV Drivers Leaving by 2023, Says Survey

By 2023 it's estimated that one quarter of the current driver population will leave the profession, based on recent figures. The figures came from a study done by Milestone who were looking into the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training. 3,000 Heavy Goods Vehicle job drivers have been questioned about their HGV Class roles who worked full time or part time by Milestone. Motives given by drivers for wishing to leave included an intention to change occupation or to retire. Drivers over 61 made up 9% of the total proportion of drivers interviewed.

Spring Set to be a Hectic Period

Verdict, a research company, have said they anticipate Spring 2013 to be the busiest since the start of the recession, with spending reaching £88 billion, in comparison to less than £86 billion last Spring. The reason behind the increased spend incorporate a baby boom, more job generation and real estate initiatives which should encourage spending. With ‘Cyber Monday’ emerging on the 2nd December, HGV employees need to be all set to ship out for the late online deliveries on ‘Mad Monday’, 23rd December. We are going to see a lot of HGV driver jobs UK advertised as a way to cover sales of the festive period.

Agency Seeking HGV Drivers

Offering Heavy Goods Vehicle 1 driving job opportunities and Heavy Goods Vehicle jobs class 2, ADR Network is the leading supplier of HGV jobs in the UK. Suppliers and retailers throughout the country are served by the ADR Network, who are proud of providing a complete supply solution.

The benefits of Doing work for Agency Drivers

The ADR Network is an agency that genuinely cares about its staff. This company has outstanding links with biggest distributors and as such can often secure work quickly. The driver can choose where they want for induction to take place. Winter season work is offered to drivers by Agency Drivers.

Any driver undertaking Heavy Goods Vehicle class 2 job opportunities or HGV 1 job opportunities are given regular assignments and a variety of other assignments. Whether the driver wants HGV C jobs or HGV C E jobs they can be confident they will find a job. If you would like to find out more about jobs for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers with the jobs HGV agency ADR Network, you should make contact now to look at Heavy Goods Vehicle driver opportunities and sign up for the newest HGV drivers jobs?

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