How to Profit from Your Heavy goods vehicle Job Applications


Even at a busy time of year where demand for truck drivers is high, it can be difficult to get your model HGV driver position. Are you currently looking for Heavy goods vehicle driving jobs and not getting anywhere? Read on for some useful suggestions on how to make the most of your applications.


First Tip - Check You Have the Right Qualifications

To become HGV driver in the UK, you'll have to have one of several certifications, determined by the job you make an application for. A category C1 license is the newest HGV class 3 permit and permits a driver to drive a truck with a highest weight of 7,5 tons. The C1 E permit allows the same but with a trailer connected of more than 750 kgs, but that is less than the total unladen weight of the truck. Category C is the newest HGV Class 2, enabling the driver to drive any LGV with a trailer of up to 750 kgs. Category C E is the newest Class 1 Permit and permits the trucker to operate any LGV with a trailer of a weight of over 750 kilos.

Second Tip - Think About Your Work Requirements

A lot of HGV drivers are going to be are required to go across the country and even in foreign countries. Consider if these working circumstances would fit well with your other obligations. It might be more smart, for instance, to look only for jobs which require you to perform duties in your local area if you do not want to stay away from home. You also must settle on how many hours you wish to work on a weekly basis - are you trying to find a full time, part-time or zero hours deal?

Tip Three - Brush Up the CV

In case you have not applied for a job for quite some time, you might discover that you have to update your CV. Be sure that your CV is a precise representation of your work history and that you include explanations for any gaps in employment. Examine the CV cautiously for punctuation and grammar issues - it will help to read it out loud or to ask someone else to check it out for you.



Making use of these suggestions will make is easier for you to find a Heavy goods vehicle driving job which meets your requirements in very little time at all. Good luck! If you're looking for hgv 1 jobs you'll find lots at this website

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